Why You'll Love Forlle'd Skincare

Let's start off with a quick breakdown about how the history of Forlle'd. Forlle’d is high-technology professional cosmeceuticals from Japan - the leading products in anti-ageing and skin restructuring. Founded in 2004, Forlle’d become a pioneer in developing and producing low molecular substances which are able to cross skin barrier and regenerate skin at dermal level

It all started with the  creation of the first Forlle’d product – Hyalogy P-effect Essence. High concentration of patented low-molecular ionized hyaluronic acid lies at the heart of this serum, making it the strongest anti-ageing serum with pronounced bio-stimulating effect. Low-molecular hydrolyzed Eggshell Membrane provides perfect complexion and evens the skin tone. Pearl protein saturates the skin with amino acids and ionized minerals, regulates metabolic processes and strengthens the skin's structure.

Hyalogy P-effect Essence laid the foundation of the whole Forlle’d basic Hyalogy P-effect line. Due to our unique technology all products of the basic line possess excellent potential for stimulation, moisturizing and regeneration being very physiological at the same time.

The next challenge was to find a component to defend the skin against the assault of free radicals on healthy cells and prevent premature ageing. This component had to be very anti-oxidant, to work on a wide range of free radicals and not to lose its activity quickly. Platinum meets these conditions perfectly, but here in Forlle’d we as always went further enhancing dispersion of the interaction of Platinum particles with water molecules to make our products highly efficient and compatible to human skin. This is how Hyalogy Platinum Line was developed to work successfully against photo damage, pigmentation and loss of skin elasticity.



Visible Regenerative effect and Improvement of skin structure

Active ingredients of Forlle’d enhance the way skin functions, restore its structure, regenerate and revitalize skin at cellular level. Even after the first application the result is noticeable. The stable visible effect is already achieved after 1 week of regular use, after 28 days changes in the quality of skin can be seen, 2 months of product usage gives superb long-lasting results

Natural Biostimulation and Long-lasting skin moisturizing

Carefully selected and combined low molecular ingredients in Forlle’d cosmeceuticals activate skin natural regeneration processes at cellular level, provide deep skin moisturizing, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reduce external pressure and introduce pronounced anti oxidant activity.

Restore Mineral balance of the Skin

Cosmeceuticals by Forlle’d contain ionized minerals that are able to sustain mineral balance of the skin and accelerate healing process. Ionized Calcium is necessary to stabilize the suprabasal cells of the epidermis with basal membrane, beside its vital role in transport of active substances across cell membrane. In addition, ionized Magnesium and Zinc create mineral balance and activate mineral dependant enzymes that control and accelerate healing process.

Postpone both types of Skin Ageing

The Forlle’d cosmeceuticals were developed to rejuvenate skin from within. The combination of low molecular ingredients in Forlle’d products controls the mechanisms of physical and photo-ageing processes in the skin. All products are based on patented low molecular Hyaluronic Acid, which size is so small that it is able to penetrate deep into dermal level of the skin and stabilize the extracellular environment by preventing dehydration, stimulation the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reducing external pressure and introducing anti oxidant activity. Ionized low molecular Platinum resists all forms of active oxygen and regulates the main biochemical reactions that are involved in the pathogenesis of skin aging. Low molecular ceramides restore natural lipid barrier and skin protection.

Proven Anti-ageing Efficiency

The efficiency examination of Forlle'd cosmeceutical products were carried out by independent dermatological research organization, Germany, March 2012. The investigation showed visible anti-wrinkle efficiency of the products. The efficiency tests included assessment of skin hydration, elasticity, level of erythema and wrinkles depth. As soon as after 2 months of Forlle’d daily use, the investigation showed significant increase in skin moisture up to 96% and skin elasticity up to 55%, while depth of wrinkles reduced up to 40% and level of erythema decreased up to 3

Perfect care before and after skin peelings, dermal fillers and aesthetic surgeries

Proven penetration of low molecular Hyaluronic Acid into dermis makes Forlle’d a non-invasive substitution for dermal invasive procedures as biorevitalisation and mesotheraphy, and prolongs the effect of dermal fillers. Moreover, such unique regenerative activity of Forlle’d cosmeceuticals helps prepare skin for aesthetic surgeries and shorten the rehabilitation period after it, helping to restore quickly skin elasticity, accelerate healing process and reduce the possibility of scar formation.


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