AeroPilates® Magic Circle
A versatile, portable Pilates aid, the AeroPilates® Magic Circle delivers targeted resistance to increase strength and endurance in the thighs, arms, chest and throughout the body Based on Joseph Pilates' original design, the AeroPilates® Magic Circle shapes and tones your...
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Bring the Pilates studio home with our compact Pilates Bar Kit. Build leaner legs, firmer glutes and a toned core with a Pilates bar, two 30” power cords and foot straps. You also get access to three reformer-style video workouts—Total...
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Pilates Ring
Add resistance to your Pilates routine with the Pilates Ring. Featuring a toning ring with two non-slip padded handles to target your legs and core during Pilates moves and ensure perfect positioning. Strengthen and tone from the comfort of your own home—no bulky equipment or a...
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Our CorePlus Reformer mimics the resistance action of a Pilates reformer using lightweight resistance bands joined in an X-shape. Get a dynamic resistance workout that tones, strengthens, and stretches your entire body in the gym or comfort of your own...
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Premium Pilates Mat
Give your bones, joints, and pressure points the extra cushioning necessary for rigorous Pilates workouts. Our Premium Pilates Mat features 5mm of comfortable cushion. This mat is twice as thick as a standard yoga mat and the beveled edge keeps...
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