Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen
Keeko's revolutionary dentist formulated and clinically tested peroxide-free botanical teeth whitening pen uses the natural power of bicarbonate soda & cranberry to safely whiten your teeth 5+ shade in 7 days without damaging the enamel. Aloe vera & chamomile help...
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Coconut Tooth Floss
Remove gunk funk and junk from between teeth with keeko's coconut oil-based wax tooth floss. Our special fluff-free floss and smooth coconut-oil based wax enables it to get into the tightest of spaces gliding effortlessly between teeth and gums. Its...
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Copper Tongue Scraper
Keeko's 100% pure copper tongue cleaner magically scrapes away plaque and toxins from the tongue. The result? Better oral hygiene and awakened tastebuds. This nifty tool seriously reduces bacteria nasties on your tongue, helping keep it fur-free & your breath...
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Double Trouble Toothbrush Set
Ever smelt your regular toothbrush? Yeah it STINKS! That's because you're hosting a major germ party on it. Keeko's Double Trouble Toothbrush Set uses CHARCOAL & NANO SILVER technology to help banish bad breath and keep you brush cleaner and...
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Morning Mint Oil Pulling Sachet
This 14 sachet Ayurvedic mouth rinse treatment is designed to detoxify the mouth & body by reducing plaque & bacteria, improving overall oral health & assisting to bring teeth back to their natural white. The sachets are super easy to...
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One Good Brush - Biodegradable Toothbrush
**WINNER Eco Excellence Best Oral Care Product 2020** Meet the too cute for words pink biodegradable toothbrush that uses soft tapered tapered bristles to gently clean teeth, gums and everything in-between. This brush lets you feel good and scrub better...
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Premium Copper Tongue Cleaner
Keeko's Premium Copper Tongue Cleaner magically scrapes away plaque and toxins from the tongue. The result? Better oral hygiene and awakened taste buds. The pure anti-bacterial elements of copper have traditional been used in Ayurveda for centuries where cleaning the...
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Superclean Charcoal Toothpaste
Clean and whiten your teeth with the power of safe and effective natural ingredients! This dentist formulated fluoride-free charcoal and coconut oil toothpaste has a delicious fresh minty taste and is paraben and SLS free, vegan and not tested on...
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