Ad Astra
Gentle nighttime care for stargazers. This luscious emulsion of botanicals and peptides gently infuses the eye area with generous moisture and a smoothed appearance complementing your nightly rest. Skin Type: For most skin types, especially those desiring generous moisture for...
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Antioxidant Dew
Featherweight texture. Intense hydration. Antioxidant Dew lavishes skin with quenching encapsulated antioxidants, plumping amino acids, and an array of soothing botanicals. Use as a lightweight hydrator or as a layering piece in your skin care wardrobe.  Made for skin desiring...
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Beauty Elixir I - 1,000 Roses
Beauty Elixir I: 1,000 Roses is a moisturizing, multi-active beauty oil. Bio-identical CoQ10, Vitamin C Ester, & sustainably sourced botanicals including Bulgarian rose essential oil diminish signs of dryness and UV overexposure for glowing, rose-petal-soft skin. For rose lovers with untroubled,...
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Beauty Elixir II - Healing Bouquet
Beauty Elixir II: Healing Bouquet is a balancing, multi active beauty oil. Bio-identical CoQ10, Vitamin C Ester, sustainably sourced botanicals, & soothing aromatherapy diminish signs of imbalance and UV over-exposure for soft, luminous skin. Made for flower lovers with untroubled, oily,...
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Beauty Elixir III - Prismatic Array
Beauty Elixir III: Prismatic Array is a gentle, multi active beauty oil created with certified, bio-identical CoQ10, Vitamin C Ester, & a rainbow of sustain­ably sourced botanicals with a neutral scent blended to dimin­ish signs of UV over-exposure and dryness...
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Body Elixir: Inflorescence
KYPRIS Body Elixir: Inflorescence is a non-greasy, multi-functional body oil designed with a potency typically reserved for facial care and 12 of the most nurturing organic, wild crafted, and co-op grown botanicals blended with the aromatherapy of Neroli and Sweet...
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Cleanser Concentrate
Featuring co-op grown moringa, wildcrafted prickly pear, and probiotics, this opulent, non-foaming Cleanser Concentrate dissolves the day and evening actives to leave skin soft, hydrated, and glowing. For most skin types, especially dry, dehydrated, or imbalanced complexions seeking a gentle, yet...
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Clearing Serum
Sweet talk your fussy, blemished complexion into balance. Clearing Serum enlists balancing zinc, soothing lilac leaf stem cells, renewing AHAs, and a selection of phytonutrient rich, botanical gems for a balanced, happy complexion. [ingredient] Active Natural Ingredients * Qµinoa The Incan 'Mother...
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Deep Forest Clay
A Tryst with Nature... Forest, earth, and sea combine to clarify, brighten, soften, smooth, and exfoliate. Deep Forest Clay Clarifying Mask & Exfoliant clarifies skin's appearance with Nature’s renewing treasures: cleansing clay, mineral-rich oceanic salt, soothing algae, botanical exfoliants, and a potpourri...
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Glow Philtre
The look of Love has an undeniable luminosity..... The Glow Philtre treatment mask blends refining pomegranate pith enzymes, softening thalassic extracts of sea fennel stem cells & sea algae, with ultra hydrating silver ear mushroom for soft, brightened, refreshed, glowing...
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Kypris Cerulean Hydration Recovery Mask
Kypris Cerulean Hydration Recovery Mask Ocean Alchemy Kypris Cerulean Soothing Hydration Recovery Mask is botanical succor for your senses and skin, your liminal envelope. Thalassic treasures soothe, soften, and hydrate skin's appearance with a collection of botanicals and actives evolved...
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Moonlight Catalyst
Some things are best done under the moon and stars.  Moonlight Catalyst is a more gentle, herbal alternative to retinoid preparations for nighttime exfoliation. As you slumber, a cocktail of peptides & botanical actives refines skin.  Made to renew the...
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Puff of Love
A golden gift of botanical Love. A nurturing, anytime, light-weight moisturizer infused with Nature's most loving botanicals & green biotechnology's most kind actives. Skin Type: For complexions desiring botanical nurturance for anytime softness and moisture [how] Apply a pearl of...
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