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Gehwol Nail Repair Gel

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Gehwol Nail Repair Gel

Gehwol Nail Repair Gel is a photopolymerizable resin allowing to create easily a highly elastic coating on the nail that adapts perfectly to the natural nail.

It's suitable for the cosmetic improvement of nails as well as for nail prosthetics, e. g. after a fungal infection of the nail.

Options Available: Rosa (Pink) & Opal

Size: 5 ml

Skin Type & Condition: For the treatment of damaged, brittle or torn toenails, for the reconstruction of diseased nails and for fixing clips

Features & Benefits:

  • Gehwol Nail Repair Gel with high and medium viscosity is a polymerisation resin hardened by UV light which enables you to apply a highly elastic nail coating in a simple manner, matching the natural nail perfectly.
  • Gehwol Nail Repair Gel is thrifty in use. It can be applied with the thin tip of the tube onto the nail without using tension, and it is self-adhesive so does not require any fastening agents.
  • Thanks to its antimycotic ingredients, Gehwol Nail Repair Gel protects against further fungal infection.

Usage Instructions:

  • For the treatment of fragile and brittle nails, reconstruction of diseased nails, as well as to fix artificial nails (tongues).
  • The self-adhesive, no-tack, adhesive, Gehwol Nail Repair Gel can be applied with the tip of the tube hygienically and dosed with great precision.
  • Gehwol Nail Repair Gel only hardens under UVA light.


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    Gehwol Nail Repair Gel
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