Hyalogy BW concentrate 15ml

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Serum and cream for reducing skin pigmentation in middle-aged and older people. Brightening the skin, improving color uniformity. Regular applications of the product lightens the skin; improves their structure. The cream has a light texture that makes it especially pleasant in the hot season, when the skin is more prone to pigmentation. It also allows you to use it together with other products: serums or creams, without feeling sticky or greasy.

The advanced Forlle’d concentrate is the most modern weapon in the fight against signs of aging. Due to the combination of high-quality active ingredients, the concentrate not only perfectly harmonizes the skin tone but also reduces the effects of the aging process. The composition of strong antioxidants perfectly protects the skin against premature aging process, oxidative stress and allows lightening of the skin. The unique concentrate formula allows you to work from the inside – reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin tone and firmness. Intensive treatment with Forlled cosmetics allows to provide the skin with a natural glow and protect it against harmful environmental factors.

– Any type of skin
– Discoloration
– Photo-aging
– Skin was gray, tired
– Wrinkles
– Loss of firmness
– “Smoker’s skin”
– Uneven coloring

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3-4 drops of Hyalogy BW concentrate apply locally 2 times a day on the areas of the skin with pigmentations.

Active ingredients:

Whitening agents: Phenylethyl Resorcinol

Keratolite and regeneration accelerators: white willow bark extract, allantoin

Antioxidants: Superoxide dismutase

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Hyalogy BW concentrate 15ml
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