Hyalogy Creamy Wash

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A light, cleansing foam based on derivatives of coconut oil, ideal for skin that is hypersensitive, irritated, dry, aged or prone to cuperosis (redness caused by dilated capillaries). Hyalogy Creamy Wash is a highly effective cleanser that also nourishes, regenerates and soothes skin without affecting its natural defences. It helps revive 'tired' skin, promotes an even complexion, improves elasticity and skin tone. The formulation is based on the patented low-molecular complex know as “concept to five” which aids skin recovery at a cellular level. Wild yam and Kyunin-u improve the structure of the epidermis and boost production of collagen and elastin to improve skin elasticity, regulate micro-circulation and prevent blood congestion. Ceramides-3, brier oil, soy and corn oils soften and protect the skin, relieve irritation, prevent scaliness and inflammation and enhance the skin's ability to retain moisture. Diasgenin optimizes the skin's hormonal levels.

Skin type: Ideal for supersensitive, irritated, dry, aged and cuperosis-prone skin

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Shake the bottle thoroughly and dispense the required amount of foam (no more than five pumps) to moist hands. Spread the foam on the skin and cleanse using soft circular movements. Wash away any remaining foam from the face completely. Most effective when used after a cleansing emulsion as the second stage of cleansing.

Complex “concept to five”, amino acid derivatives of coconut oil (soft surface-active substances), trehalose, ceramide-3, brier fruit oil, kyounin yu, triglycerides of capric and caprylic acids (the synthetic analogue of sebum), tocopherol retinoate, vitamin A, diasgenin, soy and corn oils, arginine.

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Hyalogy Creamy Wash
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