ikoo Metallic Pocket Brushes

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ikoo Metallic Pocket Brushes

You know the situation: wet and tangled hair - when trying to comb it, your hair breaks off or you even tear it out. The problem is not your hair but the inflexible structure of common hair brushes. ikoo brushes are different! ikoo Metallic Pocket brush has unique soft bristle structure and the form of the brushes match the form of your head. Consequently, more bristles brush your hair and at the same time massage your scalp.

Features & Benefits:

  • Produced without the use of animal adhesives and is therefore ideal for vegans
  • Careful production creates a consistent quality product also suitable for use in hot and humid environments
  • Comb shine and volume into your hair
  • Massage your scalp by brushing your hair
  • Treat your hair easily and effectively
  • Brush your wet hair with ease
  • Gently and effortlessly untangle your hair free from pain
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