ikoo Paddle-X Collection

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ikoo Paddle-X Collection

Check out ikoo's innovative hair brush, Paddle-X for professional blow-drying, detangling and amazing volume for your hair. The X-shaped ventilation system integrates into the extra wide panel; this was specially designed for optimum air circulation. During the blow drying process, as moisture escapes, harmful heat is not built up. The significantly enlarged bristle panel supports you in bringing the optimum volume in your hair. The known ikoo massage brush brings a natural shine and silky touch to your hairstyle.

Features & Benefits:

  • Produced without the use of animal adhesives and is therefore ideal for vegans
  • Careful production creates a consistent quality product also suitable for use in hot and humid environments
  • Harmonizing effect on your scalp health
  • Its concave shape enables you to give yourself a massage of special acupuncture points and reflex zones of your scalp
  • Blood circulation and supplying your hair with nutrients is improved
  • A daily head massage with your ikoo brush can contribute to keeping your entire head-neck-area healthy
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