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Joico Color Infuse Copper Conditioner

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For you ""auburn-ettes"" - don't let that ginger get away! Lock in those fiery russet, auburn, and reddish-blonde tones with Color Infuse Copper Shampoo and Conditioner, a brilliantly formulated cleanser and moisturizer that restore spicy heat, intensity, and luster to any shade that shows its metal. Color Infuse Copper, is just right for those rich auburn and ginger beauties! No more fading copper tones that turn to a dull and withering gold. Spice up that ginger in your hair and keep the dimension in your color alive and vibrant! Coppers, especially light-colored coppers or copper blondes fade quicker than any other shade, and the sun will fade ends on even natural copper-reds. New Color Infuse Copper Shampoo and Conditioner actually infuses hair strands with the perfect amount of copper dyes to enhance lighter copper shades or adds a little copper tone in the case of blonde hair, and seals in the color. Gently cleansing and conditioning, your hair will have brighter, more vibrant color, so you keep an even, rich and shiny ginger color.

Size: 10.1 fl. oz.

Features and Benefits

- Color Infuse Copper instantly refreshes copper tones + highlights
- Tone-enhancing pigments last though regular shampooing, maintaining over 85% of color vibrancy even after 18 washes
- Proven to reduce breakage by more than 53%* - Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex™ helps protect color against fading
- Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex™ delivers root-to-tip repair + protection for healthier hair with every use
- Boost color vibrancy + shine
- Cumulative effects - the more often you use the more color-enriching dyes it infuses into the strands, keeping your color tones even
* Against combing breakage on damaged hair vs. a non-conditioning shampoo


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The How-To of Color Infuse:
Use Color Infuse Shampoo and Conditioner as often as needed for maintenance. If you have porous ends, apply the shampoo starting at the scalp, then massage it half-way down hair strands. Leave the shampoo on for up to five minutes to allow for maximum dye penetration, then allow the foam to work its way through your more porous ends as you rinse.
Apply the conditioner from halfway down your strands to the ends, then leave it on for up to three minutes to allow the dyes to deposit into your more porous ends.
If you have highlights in a darker base, you can safely apply Color Infuse to all of your hair; the dyes will just lightly affect your dark base while refreshing your highlights. If your hue is really faded, allow the conditioner to sit on your hair for five minutes. If you're just fighting a minimal amount of fading, a minute or two will be sufficient.


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Joico Color Infuse Copper Conditioner
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