Golden Conductive Gel
ZIIP Beauty Golden Conductive Gel, while used with you ZIIP device, is the perfect amplifier to generate electrical flow, while also containing high concentrations of cutting edge active ingredients to treat the skin.
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ZIIP Beauty - Silver Conductive Gel
Choose Silver Gel when you want plush, plumped and pillowy skin. Silver Gel is packed with glow-inducing actives including the ZIIP Electric Complex, finely-crushed pearl to promote luminosity, and a sophisticated, low molecular weight hyaluronic acidfrom Japan. This formula is...
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ZIIP GX Device With Golden Gel
ZIIP Beauty Paves the way for an entirely new category of at-home skincare devices with the introduction of ZIIP. More technically advanced than any other at home tool on the market, this device will produce noticeable benefits including revised signs...
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