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PFB Vanish
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Skin Lightener & Bump Fighter! Same ingredients as the original PFB Vanish but with added Dimethylmethoxy Chromanyl Palmitate to lighten dark spots. PFB Vanish + Chromabright is a post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation product which was able to inhibit tyrosinase activity by 37%. PFB Vanish + Chromabright was 45.9% more effective than Kojic acid and Hydroquinone.

Size: 93 gm

Skin Type & Condition: For anyone who suffers from ingrown hairs. DO NOT use if you are pregnant, nursing or allergic to aspirin

Features & Benefits:
  • PFB Vanish + Chromabright combats and releases ingrown hairs while helping lighten dark spots that can be caused by ingrown hair scarring. Salicylic acid gently clarifies clogged pores and exfoliates, letting ingrown hairs free while camphor cools and prevents infections. A brightening complex non-irritatingly helps brighten and even your skin tone.
  • Physician endorsed
  • The only lightening and ingrown hair roll-on on the market
  • Produces results in 24 - 48 hours and skin lightening results in 6-8 weeks
  • Roll-on applicator keeps your hands clean as the product never comes in contact with your hands
  • Gel formulation - no waste of product
  • Non irritating
  • Contains more exfoliating ingredients
  • Herbal scent
  • Cooling feeling
  • Not tested on animals
  • Perfect for Dark Spots:
    • Inside thighs & bikini area
    • Under Arms
    • Chin Nape of neck
    • Acne
    • All ethnic skin types
  • Precautions:
    • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes
    • Do not ingest
    • Do not use if allergic to aspirin
    • Keep out of children's reach
    • Do not use during pregnancy or nursing. Consult your physician (this only applies to the ingrown hair products with acetyl salicylic acid)
    • Do not use any type of chemical exfoliants, scrubs, harsh soaps in conjunction with using PFB Vanish + Chromabright

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  • Use on face, neck, underarms, legs and bikini
  • For maximum benefits, apply daily after waxing, shaving, tweezing, electrolysis and laser hair removal


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PFB Vanish + Chromabright
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