Gehwol Small Toe Pad Cushion G

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Gehwol Small Toe Pad Cushion G

The soft, highly elastic cushion simplifies walking with painful balls of the small toes, e.g. when narrow shoes are worn. It provides protection and comfort.

Size: 1 pad

Skin Type & Condition: To ease the pain associated with balls of the small toe rubbing against the shoe

Features & Benefits:
  • The soft cup offers unique protection and comfort
  • The Bunion Cushion G and the Toe dividers complement each other

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    • Roll your sock or tights over the cushion, otherwise it may shift
    • After wearing, wash by hand in warm water with mild detergent
    • Dry and gently powder with Gehwol Foot Powder

    Made from soft polymer gel.

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    Gehwol Small Toe Pad Cushion G
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