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Maria Nila Cleansing Powder is a styling product that instantly refreshes the hair and scalp. Using the main ingredient rice starch, the new Cleansing Powder works by absorbing fats, natural oils, impurities and product residue in the hair. The powder settles in with ease on the roots and lengths of the hair. The result is a matte and refreshed hair. The powder gives a light volumizing touch to the hair but is still light in formula. In comparison to the Maria Nila Power Powder, the Cleansing Powder is more absorbent and offers less volume. Comparing it to the Invisidry, the Cleansing Powder adds a bit more texture and volume. The powder has a refreshing flowery scent of lily and rose, with notes of apricot and peppermint.

Features and Benefits:

- Rice Starch:Our star ingredient for a fresh and texturized look
Absorbs excessive grease and natural oils in the hair. In comparison to the more common use of potato starch in cleansing powders, the particles in rice starch are smaller than the ones in potato starch, which allows it to penetrate deeper into the hair. It also gives a lighter hold.

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Shake the bottle before application. For the large sized Cleansing Powder, apply the product to dry hair by holding the bottle upright and then gently squeezing the middle of the bottle to create a light powder cloud that is aimed at the scalp. If a richer application is needed, a larger amount of Cleansing Powder can be poured directly into the hair roots. For the smaller sized bottle, simply shake the formula carefully into greasy roots to absorb oil or distribute through the ends to add some texture. Always apply the powder with your fingers or with a brush. Protect your clothes when applying Cleansing Powder to prevent any powder residue from falling onto them.

The product is ideally suited for those who want more texture to the hairstyle without being burdened by an overly powerful product. Our head technician at Maria Nila recommends applying the powder along the lengths to add extra texture to the hair. It can also be used as a finishing product to give a more matte result after using wax or hairspray with a lot of shine.

In salons, professionals can use the product to give a newly washed hair a “day after” feeling while keeping the hair fresh and light. It’s also a great tool to give a newly coloured hair another day of “rest” before being washed again, and the styling lasts longer. 

Cleansing Powder can also be used for precautionary purposes by applying it to the hair before working out, events or other occasions where the hair may be exposed to impurities or other external factors. The powder settles into the scalp and prevents the hair from becoming oily or dirty.


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