Bougie Driving Gloves
We know you’re already stocked up on SPF, obnoxious visors, and huge sunglasses… but are you keeping up with your HAND protection? Sun damage on the arms and hands can cause wrinkles, brown spots, and can even change the texture...
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Hot Mess Ice Roller
A modern preventative skin tool that uses the power of cold therapy to contour, tighten and de-puff your skin. THE HOT MESS ICE ROLLER’S all-aluminum roller gets cold fast, and stays cold longer than most other ice rollers.
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Hot Shave Razor
A refillable razor designed for women’s faces that gently removes unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz. Complete with an easy-to-use and comfortable handle, as well as a conveniently placed finger divot for better grip and easy control, this is not...
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Ice Queen Face Oil
A high-quality, cooling facial oil packed with antioxidants that penetrates quickly to help hydrate, firm, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin soft and supple.
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Pink Balls Face Massager
Custom designed with two very pink multi-angular disco-esque balls that contour the fuck out of the face and body, this PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER grips the face tighter than any other tool in your kit. She rolls smoothly over the...
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Sleeping Bag
Storing your HOT MESS ICE ROLLER has never been easier. She’s shiny, she’s pink, she’s cute, she’s gingham & she’s here to keep your ice roller protected from 1998’s crusty peas. THE SLEEPING BAG was created & designed especially to...
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The Skinny Confidential - Le Spoon Body Sculptor
give yourself the full-body treatment: massage, sculpt, and optimize your body for detoxification. the ultimate tool for precise body sculpting. can promote blood flow and boost circulation. reduces inflammation while boosting collagen production. works to flush toxins from your body...
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The Skinny Confidential - Mouth Tape
Enhance your nighttime rituals and energize your mornings with a more sculpted jawline, brighter eyes, way more energy and a touch of pink. The Skinny Confidential Mouth Tape is here to give you beauty benefits while in the deepest sleep...
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